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Midterm Election Look Ahead With a Spotlight on Biden's Polling Popularity

If you are a Democrat, the latest Quinnipiac University Poll may be more than a bit shocking.
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Image of Nancy Pelosi from Fox News video clip, caption by Mish.

Image of Nancy Pelosi from Fox News video clip, caption by Mish.

Quinnipiac University Poll Highlights 

  • Biden Approval Rating: 38% approve, 52% disapprove, 10% no opinion with 10 percent not offering an opinion.
  • Registered Voters Rating: 40% approve, 51% disapprove, 9% no opinion
  • Coronavirus Handling: 46% approve, 48% disapprove
  • Ukraine: 42% approve, 50% disapprove
  • Foreign Policy: 37% approve, 54% disapprove
  • Economy: 33% approve, 61% disapprove
  • Mexican Border: 27% approve, 60% disapprove.
  • Economic Policies: 16% say Biden's policies help the nation, 48% say they hurt, 32% say neither help nor hurt
  • Personal Finances: 9% say Biden is helping them, 44% say Biden is helping them, 46% say neither help nor hurt
  • Control of House: 44% want Republicans, 40% Democrats
  • Control of Senate: 43% want Republicans, 42% Democrats

Those numbers from the April 27 Quinnipiac University Poll are shockingly bad. 

Key Points

  • Biden is a net negative 32 percentage points on economic policies 
  • Biden is net negative 33 percentage points on personal finance 
  • Biden is a net negative 33 percentage points on handling the Mexican border
  • Biden is a net negative 17 percentage points on foreign policy. 
  • Independents support Republicans for the House by 8 percentage points (45-37)
  • Independents support Republicans for the Senate by 6 percentage points (44-39)
  • Independents disapprove of Biden's handling of the economy by 43 percentage points (69-26)


That means there is only one thing to do. 

You probably guessed it: Blame Putin and the US gas companies. 

Fox News: "Big oil companies are using both these issues – price gouging [and] market manipulation – to cash in," Schumer said Thursday. "Oil companies last year made record profits on these tragedies almost like vultures."

Yahoo! News: "At this time of war -- at any time -- there is no excuse for Big Oil companies to profiteer, to price gouge or exploit families," House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told a news conference. "That is why Democrats are moving forward with forceful action that will stop, and hold accountable, oil and gas companies for profiteering and manipulating markets."

Democrats' Proposed Solution

Democrats' want to give the Federal Trade Commission and individual states increased authority to go after businesses that manipulate prices in both wholesale and retail sales.

The irony in this madness is oil companies do not set gas prices or the raw price of crude. 

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The refiners own less than 5% of the 145,000 retail stations according to the American Petroleum Institute. 

And according to the National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS), more than 60% of the retail stations in the US are owned by an individual or family that owns a single store. 

So, let's crack down on those 60% of individual gas station owners who have magically conspired to "rip off motorists".

Hoot of the Day Award

I have already posted two Hoot of the Day awards on Twitter, but this is my new Hoot of the Day.

Economists' Predictions Hoot

EU Sanctions Hoot

Yes fans, Europe will comply with Putin's demand to pay in rubles (sort of). But if you actually look at what's happening, payment is still in euros. 

Discussed here: Energy Shock and More Threats on Both Sides to Turn Off Russian Gas

For a look at the latest GDP numbers, please see GDP Declines 1.4% in First Quarter of 2022 Sounding Recession Bells

Of my three hoots, the winner by a long shot is blaming gas stations for gas prices. 

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