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Its not easy to break into the crypo top 15 from afar, but Empower Coin managed to do just that. I never heard of it but here is its claim to fame.

" is the online home for Ecoinplus. Ecoinplus is an investment opportunity that promises to 'double your bitcoins in just 50 – 90 days!' All you need to do is give at least 0.1 BTC to the team’s experienced traders, and they’ll double your money as soon as possible."

Clearly, that is absurd.

If Empower could do just that, the traders would be doubling their own money every 50-90 days, not yours. Amusingly, the more you give the faster the payback.

I took that screen shot a couple days ago. Note that it surged on zero volume. Here is a snapshot from today.

Mindless Crypto Action II

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Melon is up 491% this past week on 0% of the total crypto volume.

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Restart energy is up 462%.

Empower Coin

Let's check back in on Empower Coin.

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Empower coin blasted to a value of $619 million and is now back to $585.

What a joke. They all are.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock