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MishTalk TV Episode #1: Is Inflation Transitory or Not?

Welcome to MishTalk TV. This is episode #1, a discussion on the transitory (or not) inflation debate.
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Transitory or Not? 

The great debate is whether or not inflation is transitory. 

I discuss the pros and cons with Chris Temple at the National Investor. 

Chris is primarily in the "not transitory" camp, especially in regards to energy.

I discuss the "it is transitory" case. 

In  my view, much depends on what Congress does or doesn't do and I do not think the matter is settled, depending of course on the duration of "transitory".

Underreported Inflation

We certainly have had a huge and underreported bout of inflation not accurately measured by the CPI. 

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The CPI factoring in housing and medical is much greater than the reported CPI. 

My last report had year-over-year CPI at 8.57%. For discussion, please see Housing Adjusted Real Interest Rates Sink to a Record Low -8.5 Percent.

In case you missed it, China is the new story since that  we created that video. 

For discussion, please see Huge Credit Stress Starting in China May Easily Rock the Whole World

The bursting of bubbles is not inflationary.

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