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MishTalk TV Episode #6 Precious Metal Outlook

Steve Todoruk at Sprott gives his precious metal outlook for 2022 and discusses what he looks for in junior miners.
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MishTalk TV #6

Interview Questions

  1. Gold went sideways in 2021 after a big jump in 2019. What’s your outlook for 2022?
  2. As a geologist, you like to watch drill results. Describe as best you can so even a novice investor can understand what you do and what you are looking for in drill results.
  3. Do you pay attention to Fed chatter – think 6 hikes are coming in two years – Baby Hike Talk?
  4. How do the produces look if there is a decline. Are their finances in order?
  5. You cannot name specific companies except to clients, but do you favor majors to juniors at this point, a balanced look, what?
  6. What about country specific outlook. New results can pop up anywhere, but are there regions you are watching closer? Any countries you suggest avoiding?
  7. Silver, Nickel, copper, what are the prospects especially in light of clean energy?
  8. How do people get in touch? 

Steve could not discuss his top picks as those are for clients only, but he is willing to look at metal portfolios and offer some suggestions. 

One of the worst things Steve can say about what you hold is "I don't know that company". 

If he doesn't know it, it likely does not have good drill results if any at all. 

You can contact Steve at "stodoruk @ sprottglobal . com" without the quotes and spaces.

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