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Please consider Robot Master Chef Cooks 2,000 Recipes, Cleans Up, Does the Dishes.

A California company, Morley Robotics, has teamed with the UK’s Shadow Robot Company, to develop a smartphone-controlled robot master chef capable of cooking world-class fare just as Chef Watson. The robot was unveiled at a recent event at Hanover Messe Robotic Technology Fair in Germany. The Robot Chef created a “lobster bisque” for the event in about 30 minutes.

The Morley Robot Master Chef, the product of over two decades of research and development, has two robotic hands, each containing 24 motors, 26 micro-controllers and 129 sensors. The arms have been designed and programmed to match the movements of a professional human chef. Owners will still have to lay out ingredients, but once that’s done the robot will do the rest, including cleaning up and washing the dishes.

As Chef Ramsay has shown on his TV shows, many restaurants simply have terrible chefs. Soon, restaurant startups may be able to rent a Morley robot chef to train their human cooks in how to prepare palatable food. The world may become a better place if restaurant owners are able to get rid of temperamental “prima donna” chefs.

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Want New Recipes?

If you want new recipes, just team up Morley with IBM’s Watson, the computer that trounced everyone at the game of Jeopardy.

IndustryTap reports IBM’s Watson Has A New Gig: World Class Chef

Earlier this year, IBM’s Watson computer teamed with New York’s Institute of Culinary Education. Watson and his handlers are now creating recipes that combine ingredients available to humans the world over in novel ways, raising eyebrows in the process. One of Watson’s creations was the Austrian Chocolate Burrito.

The biggest knock against Watson was that (s)he wasn’t creative and so this became a challenge for IBM engineers to overcome. The team set out teaching Watson about existing data on food, human proclivities and cooking techniques.

With thousands of ingredients to choose from and a “knowledge” of how ingredients are typically combined, Watson has gone off the beaten path and come up with mind-boggling recommendations for new dishes that are getting rave reviews.

Cognitive Cooking

Watson on the Road

To show the creative cooking power of Watson, IBM took the show on the road.

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Cognitive Cooking – IBM Watson (Image Courtesy )

Chefs? Who needs em?

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Robots Replace Robots

Existing robots are just not good enough. If we replace robots with better robots, we can reduce the number of robots and get rid of more humans as well.

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