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Mishtalk.Com is Back

I am still associated with the Maven but my own URL, MishTalk.Com is back.

I apologize for the approximate 2-3 outage today and any resultant frustration.

This came about over politics. TheStreet is a financial channel only, and some subscribers did not welcome my political posts. I can understand that viewpoint. 

Indeed, I have commented myself that political discussions have in general cost me traffic. Ironically, I have been accused of talking politics just to get clicks.

My position has always been that if have something to say I am willing to say it. I criticize the Left and the Right.


On my own site I had that freedom, and the solution is for me to return to my own URL.

I can still write about politics but I removed the post that set things off.

Redirects were broken for a couple of hours today and the login process when commenting has changed. There are a couple of kinks regarding logins that are still being worked on.

Before commenting, make sure the tag in the upper right says "following" not "follow" before attempting to comment.

Later this month there will be a big change in the commenting system as we are moving to Disqus. With that move we also expect the random logout issue to vanish.

Again, apologies for any frustration today.