Delivery Hell

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Don't worry, it's just "delivery hell"

The curious thing about Musk's statement is the fact that Tesla is thousands of cars per month short of production goals.

Current estimates are about 4,000 model 3s per month vs Musk's target of 6,000 per month. And to achieve that, Musk dropped the number of pain options.

Stop the Whining!


​Four Months for a Bumper

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Musk Plan to Bring Repairs In House

Mish Q&A

Disclosure: I am short Tesla via Puts.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

Tesla Misses Goals, Musk Makes More Promises

Tesla rebounded a bit today, at least so far. Elon Musk promises speedy production and no new debt offerings this year.

Musk Says Tesla Close to Profitability, Former SEC Official Calls Musk "Numbnut"

The SEC settled with Elon Musk on Saturday. Many questions remain. Profitability moves to the forefront.

Tesla Deliveries Plunge 31 Percent, Let's Investigate Musk's Excuses

Elong Musk blames transit times in shipments and mislabeling.

Musk Pledged to Burn Shorts "Flamethrowers Coming"

Elon Musk pledges the "short burn of the century". Flamethrowers coming soon.

Musk Under DoJ Fraud Investigation

Elon Musk and Tesla are under fraud investigation by the Department of Justice for misleading statements.

SEC Charges Musk with Fraud, Seeks to Bar Musk from Being CEO of Public Company

Tesla founder Elon Musk has been charged by the SEC with securities fraud. The SEC seeks to bar him from being CEO.

Musk Aims to Produce 500,000 Cars Annually in China in 2020

Hooray! Tesla broke ground on a factory in China. Elon Musk's goal is a lofty one.

Musk's "Funding Secured" May Constitute Securities Fraud

Yesterday, Elon Musk Tweeted that he would take Tesla private and "funding was secured". If false, he may be in trouble.

Musk Reignites "Pedo" Controversy Practically Begging to be Sued: Guess What?

Elon Musk just cannot keep his mouth shut. He is begging to be sued. It's 100% stupid. And guess what?