The Wall Street Journal reports Quickening Retreat From Tech Sinks Market.

> U.S. stocks suffered their biggest decline in more than seven months Wednesday, as investors accelerated their retreat from fast-growing technology stocks in favor of shares that have been overlooked.

> Major indexes have started the fourth quarter on their weakest footing since the beginning of 2016, and the swift fall has some investors wondering if this is a brief stumble or an overdue reckoning for U.S. stocks after months of outperforming global markets.

> The rotation out of tech and other growth stocks—among the most popular trades of the year—to so-called safety stocks, such as utilities companies, was sparked in part by the recent jump in government bond yields and the Federal Reserve’s bid to tighten monetary policy.

> But there have been other warnings signals that made investors nervous. Recent data has showed a slowdown in both housing and auto sales, both of which are closely watched indicators of U.S. economic health. Even more concerning: trade tensions between the U.S. and China appear to be worsening.

> The result: A simultaneous selling of 2018’s biggest stock-market winners.

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It Never Fails

There's that cash on the sidelines stupidity once again.

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