​Negative-Yielding Debt in Bloomberg Index

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New Records

Highlights from Jim Bianco at Bianco Research.

Key Points

  1. Negative debt topped $15 Trillion today on Monday, up over $1 Trillion in two business days.
  2. Negative debt is now 27% of all developed country sovereign debt, a new record.
  3. Negative debt now 44% of of all developed countries excluding US sovereign debt.

Excluding US

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Negative Yield Bond Matrix

Swiss 100-Year Bond



Global Bond Bubble

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Logically Impossible

Negative debt implies a negative time preference. In the real world, that cannot happen.

In easy to understand terms, negative time preference means someone would rather have 90 cents ten years from now than a dollar today.

Such a construct is only possible with massive central bank intervention.


In regards to the above Tweet, please see US Treasury Declares China a Currency Manipulator Under Orders From Trump

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

Negative-Yielding Debt Tops $17 Trillion - Bubble Keeps Expanding

On August 29, negative-yielding debt topped the $17 trillion mark. Nearly all of that is outside the US.

Household Debt Hits Record High $13.29 Trillion Led by Mortgages, Student Loans

A New York Fed report shows household debt hit a new record high of $13.29 trillion in the second quarter.

Making Sense of 100-Yr Bonds yielding 0% and 30-Yr Bonds With Negative Yield

Over 50% of European gov't bonds have a negative yield. Globally there's $15 trillion in negative-yield debt.

Monetary Madness: Inverted Negative Yields in Germany, Negative Rate Mortgages

Monetary madness hit new extremes. Mortgage rates are -0.5% in Denmark. In Germany, a negative-yield curve inverts.

Mechanics of Absurdity, Negative Yields, and Other Tweets of the Day

Here are some interesting Tweets that discuss negative yields, the threat of Trump, debt financing, and other topics.

Household Debt Up 18 Consecutive Quarters to a New Record, Card Stress Rising

Household debt is up 18 consecutive quarters to a new record high. Credit card stress is on the rise in most age groups.

Household Debt Climbs to Record High, Delinquencies Rise

The quarterly report on household debt shows another record high. Delinquencies are up strongly as well.

$250 Trillion in Global Debt: How Can That Be Paid back?

Global debt just topped $250 trillion. Please ponder paying the interest on that, let alone the principal.

Negative Yield Curves to Infinity and a Reader Question Regarding Fraud

The entire German yield curve is negative for 30 years. Japan is poised to join the club.