Advance International Trade in Goods

  • The international trade deficit was $74.5 billion in May, up $3.6 billion from $70.9 billion in April.
  • Exports of goods for May were $140.2 billion, $4.1 billion more than April exports.
  • Imports of goods for May were $214.7 billion, $7.8 billion more than April imports.

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This is a small negative for US GDP estimates.


Mike "Mish" Shedlock

Cross-Border Trade Dives: Imports and Exports Each Decline 2.2 Percent

The overall picture is one of weakening trade. Year-over-year, the trade deficit is up 2.0%. Trump won't be pleased.

Trade Deficit Widens as Imports Rise More Than Exports

The international trade deficit was $69.7 billion in November, up $1.6 billion from $68.1 billion in October.

Trade Deficit Jumps 5.5% as Exports Decline and Imports Rise: Winning Not

Several advance economic reports for June came out today. Inventories were flat and the trade deficit rose.

Goods and Services Trade Deficit Declines in Jan as Agricultural Exports Rise

China is again buying soybeans. US imports declined on falling demand. The trade deficit shrunk as a result.

Trade Deficit in Goods and Services Declines 15.2% as Imports Dive

The trade deficit declined sharply in March. The results were widely anticipated becaue of the Advance Numbers on Goods.

Trade Deficit Jumps 9.5% to 5-Month High: Exports Down, Imports Up

Trump will howl over the latest trade report. The deficit widened 9.5% to a 5-month high. China and the EU led the way.

Trade Deficit Widens, Exports Flat, Imports Rise: Trump Will Howl

For October, exports were down less than $0.1 billion while imports rose $3.8 billion.

Collapse in Trade: Exports Down 2.7%, Imports Down 2.2%

The trade deficit in goods shrank a bit but the real story is a sharp slowdown in trade.

Trade Deficit Unexpectedly Widens: Exports Sink, Imports Up Sharply

Economists are on a roll today. Not a single economist got 4th quarter GDP correct and not a single economist got the trade deficit correct. In both cases, economists were overly optimistic.