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Chest Thumping Time

Not only is it time to pound one's chest, it's also a perfect time to mock friends and pour it on those who did not buy. 

Max Keiser Sets the Perfect Example

Max Keiser2

Many people asked me to admit my mistake. Most not politely.

It wasn't my first mistake and I assure you it won't be my last. 

All the taunts are for expressing an opinion that I expect governments will squash it if they ever feel threatened by Bitcoin. So far governments and central banks don't feel threatened. 

One person mocked me as follows: "have fun staying poor". What a hoot. I am doing quite well, thank you.

I never recommended shorting Bitcoin (and still don't), and I chastised Peter Schiff several times for gloating prematurely over its demise.

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Where is Bitcoin Headed?

I do not know where it it headed, nor does anyone else, and I never said otherwise. That applies to gold as well. I just expressed strong concerns, with reasons. 

Anyone who tells you that he knows where anything is headed is a charlatan, even if they have been correct so far. 

Bitcoin is not for me and never will be for reasons stated. You have to believe and I don't. And because I don't, if I ever held it, I would have sold it long ago.

So no, I am not buying. 

But if you own it, congrats. Just remember knock on your neighbor's door and gloat if they don't have any. 


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