In yet another Just Like The Flu (Except) comparisons, please note Coronavirus Forces New York to Send Bodies Out of State for Cremation.

New York City funeral directors, struggling with a surge of coronavirus deaths and tight regulations, are sending hundreds of bodies out of state for cremation.

Each Wednesday, David Penepent, director of the funeral services administration program at the State University of New York, and his students drive more than six hours to the city, where over the next four days they load trucks with human remains and zigzag across the region, mostly to crematories in Connecticut, Pennsylvania and Vermont. 

“It’s like draining a bathtub with a tablespoon,” he said. “But it’s 210 human remains that families now have the opportunity to begin to grieve the loss of their loved one.” Mr. Penepent’s goal is to increase his fleet of trucks to 10 from three, and transport 600 bodies weekly.

Morbid Godsend

“He’s been absolutely a godsend,” Joe Neufeld Sr., the owner of Gerard J. Neufeld Funeral Home, said of Mr. Penepent. Located in Elmhurst, Queens, one of the areas of the city hardest hit by the Covid-19 crisis, the funeral home is now arranging about 60 funerals a week, Mr. Neufeld said, up from about eight before the crisis.

Covid-19 Deaths In Context and the Absurdity of Flu Comparisons

Covid-19 New Deaths Weekly 2020-04-21

On April 21, I wrote Covid-19 Deaths In Context and the Absurdity of Flu Comparisons

Every day I am barraged with Tweets by pandemic illiterates who still compare Covid-19 to the flu, car crashes, heart disease etc.

In response I wrote the above article.


Covid-19 deaths will now easily exceed the Flu, but it is the speed at which that happened that is stunning. 

In three weeks we went from a few deaths per week to numbers that exceed cancer and heart disease. 

Deaths from heart disease and cancer have a known death rate that does not vary much. Hospitals can easily plan for that.

Hospitals can also plan on set rate of auto-related deaths.

Hospitals were not prepared for the onslaught of a dramatic, sudden rise in Covid-deaths even if these people would have "died anyway" as the naysayers say. 

Rush to Reopen

Meanwhile, Trump's huge rush to judgment to restart America, despite massively overpromising and under-delivering tests is pitiful.

Governors are wise to resist Trump's pressure.

This is NOT Just like the Flu.