Nigel Farage Challenges Labour Leader Jeremey Corbyn to Brexit Debate


Labour attempts to be all things on Brexit. It is for and against a referendum. It is for and against Brexit.

Farage is spot on in asking "What Does Labour Stand For?"

Coalition of Parties Against the People

Labour's official position on Brexit is that it is in favor of honoring the vote.

But the Customs Union that Corbyn seeks is not honoring the vote, nor is it leaving the EU. It is the worst possible arrangement in having to abide by silly EU rules without having any say in their formation.

Corbyn's position on a referendum is equally wishy washy. To appease Labour party members who want to remain, Corbyn is in favor of a referendum in certain cases.

One must recognize his true goal: His only concern is to become the next prime minister.

Labour has splintered over Brexit, just like the Tories. The split is not as noticeable, but it is there and significant.

The rise of Farage's Brexit Party to first place in the polls is proof enough.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

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This is a test. The real political question is not Left vs. Right, it is globalization vs national self-determination. Do we want to form a global New World Order/One World Government/One World Market Fascist Hell Hole, or not? While the Left's leadership, and a lot of supposed conservative leadership support it as they see it as a path to increased power, many of the rank an file across the spectrum do not want it. Imagine, N Korea, or Cuba or Venezuala EVERYWHERE. No place to run. No place to hide.


Farage has been pounding this line for years now and he's finally making progress...because neither Labor nor the Tories have made any themselves. Both have simply sat and barked at May like idiot yard dogs. There will be no debate. Corbyn lacks the mental horsepower to take on Farage on this issue and Labor knows it.

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