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700 Banned

Fox News reports Delta Air Lines Bans Hundreds of People Over Refusal to Wear Masks.

In a memo sent to employees Wednesday, CEO Ed Bastian says that as of this week, the company has put nearly 700 people on the no-fly list for refusing to comply with the mandatory mask policy.

The Absolute Right to Set Terms of Service

Businesses have an absolute right to set terms of service as long as the terms are not discriminatory or in violation of codes. Does anyone disagree?

Right of Refusal

"If you are a business owner, can you refuse service to customers who violate your rules on your property?

I bet if you asked the 700 people Delta banned that question, all or nearly all of them would say yes.

Yet, these same people insist it is their right not to comply with airlines' stated terms of service.

Twitter, Google, Facebook

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Take my question one step further to social media. 

Why is it not the right of Twitter, Facebook, Google and other social media firms to set policy on their platforms?

We can agree or disagree on whether it is good policy for Twitter to decide to police Trump or do fact checking at all.

Those who hate Trump want to shut him up. Those who like Trump want him to be able to say what he wants. 

Tale of Two Cases

  1. The Right believes Twitter is biased against Trump. First, please assume that's true (whether you really agree or not).
  2. Next assume the opposite were to happen (Twitter suddenly became biased against the Left). Now the Right would be happy and the Left would be screaming "shut them up".

Question of the Day

We are marching down a slippery slope when government gets involved in these cases. 

Ironically, the Trump Lovers and Trump Haters both demand the same thing: Suppression of the rights of business owners to make these decisions for themselves.

New Question of the Day