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The Claim

Peace? Really?

  1. Neither Bahrain nor the UAE have never been involved in any of the wars of Arabs against Israel. Where is the peace deal there?
  2. The main source of violence in Israel for the past 45 years has been in the reaction Israeli treatment of the Palestinians. Where is the peace?
  3. This deal sets the stage for Israel to complete an illegal annexation of the West Bank. That will bring violence, not peace.
  4. Selling F-35s to the UAE is an odd part of a peace deal
  5. The US still has troops in Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan, all against the  will of those countries. Is that peace or war?


This is worse than a staged photo op. It assuredly has nothing to do with peace.

Instead, it's the formalization of an alliance against Iran, against the wishes of our true allies all of which understand that US actions against Iran are both unfounded and illegal.

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The US had a peace deal with Iran. All of our allies, independent inspectors, and the UN said Iran was honoring the deal. 

Deal Summation

  1. US State Department: Iran honoring the terms.
  2. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff: Iran honoring the terms.
  3. International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA): Iran honoring the terms.
  4. Arms Control Association: Iran honoring the terms.
  5. Every other signee of the accord: Iran honoring the terms.

For further discussion, please see CNN vs Newsweek: Who Joins the Silly Parade on the Mideast?

Trump wrecked a genuine peace deal, now he proclaims peace.