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Household Pulse Survey Results 

Data is spread out over many Excel Tables. You can find the tables here: Week 15 Household Pulse Survey: September 16 – September 28

Household Pulse Survey Twitter Thread

  1. Loss of Income: Based on responses collected September 16-28, the HouseholdPulseSurvey estimates that 24.0% of American adults expect someone in their household to experience a loss in employment income in the next 4 weeks.
  2. Telework: The HouseholdPulseSurvey estimates that 36.6% of adults live in households where at least one adult substituted some or all in-person work for telework because of the coronavirus pandemic. 
  3. Enough to Eat: The HouseholdPulseSurvey estimates that 10.1% of American adults lived in households where there was either sometimes or often not enough to eat in the previous 7 days.
  4. Rent: The HouseholdPulseSurvey estimates that 6.8% of adults are either not current on their rent or mortgage payment, or have slight or no confidence in making their next payment on time. 
  5. Eviction: The HouseholdPulseSurvey estimates that of adults living in households not current on rent or mortgage, 32.1% report #eviction or #foreclosure in the next two months is either somewhat or very likely.
  6. Meeting Expenses: The HouseholdPulseSurvey estimates that 31.9% of adults live in households where it has been somewhat or very difficult to pay usual household expenses during the coronavirus pandemic. 
  7. Cancelled Plans:  The HouseholdPulseSurvey estimates that 81.7% of adults in households with post-secondary educational plans had those plans cancelled or changed significantly this fall.
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Food Sufficiency Notes

  • Total 249.2 Million
  • 134.2 Million had enough food of the right type
  • 63.8 Million people had enough food, not necessarily the right type
  • 17.3 Million sometimes did not have enough to eat
  • 4.9 Million often did not have enough to eat
  • 29.0 Million did not report

Not Enough to Eat = (17.3 + 4.9) / (249.2 - 29.0) = 10.1%