Michigan Declares State of Emergency

Customs Officials at DC Airport Test Positive

Washington State Bans Gatherings

Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Declares a State of Emergency

1000 Reached

10,000 When?

Bianco - 10,000 When?

25,000 When?


Bianco - 25,000 When?

If the current path continues there may be 25,000 cases in 10 days.

Those are not predictions that I am aware of. Rather they are the path we are on.

Given that the US is just now starting testing due to CDC incompetence, we may be behind the curve.

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China Grinds to a Halt as Coronavirus Death Toll Tops 1,000

The official official death toll just topped the 1K mark but it's likely 10 times that as China grinds to a halt.

1 Million US Cases, By When?

Coronavirus cases are still on track for hitting the 100,000 mark very soon.

Coronavirus Deaths Top 250, 8th Infection in US

The coronavirus death toll hit 259 February 1. The number of deaths and infections are widely believed underreported.

Global Coronavirus Cases Jump 50% Overnight, 5 Now in US

There are now over 2,000 confirmed cases with 5 in the US. This is a lowball estimate, perhaps by a factor of 10.

Iran Replaces China as Top Importer of US Soybeans

Thanks to Trump's tariffs, China all but stopped importing US soybeans. Iran picked up much of the volume, cheaply too!

Global Pension Gap Expected to Hit $400 Trillion: US Leads the Way

The global pension gap of 8 nations is $70 trillion. The US alone is $38 trillion. By 2050 the total gap will hit $400T.

Musk Delivers 1,000 "Not a Flamethrower" Units: 20,000 Sold at $500 Each

Musk just delivered the first 1,000 of his "Not a Flamethrower" devices. It's a $500 toy with no practical use.

Six Ways US Stocks Most Overvalued in History

US large cap stocks are the most overvalued in history. Let's investigate six ways.

Ideology Getting in the Way of a Coronavirus Response

The Trump administration blocks states from using Medicaid to respond to coronavirus crisis.