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Michigan Declares State of Emergency

Customs Officials at DC Airport Test Positive

Washington State Bans Gatherings

Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Declares a State of Emergency

1000 Reached

10,000 When?

Bianco - 10,000 When?

25,000 When?

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Bianco - 25,000 When?

If the current path continues there may be 25,000 cases in 10 days.

Those are not predictions that I am aware of. Rather they are the path we are on.

Given that the US is just now starting testing due to CDC incompetence, we may be behind the curve.

Mish Note: Tweets are Not Rendering

I have 7 Tweets in this post.

The most critical are the last two from Jim Bianco. I added hard links.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock