Two Forms of TDS

  1. Those who believe Trump can do no right
  2. Those who believe Trump can do no wrong

Various CNN, WaPo, CNBC, and New York Times commentators fall into group 1.

People who accuse others of TDS if when say the slightest thing against Trump fall into group 2.

Accused Again

In response to Iraq to Expel US Troops, Iran Cancels Nuclear Agreement and as expected, I was again accused of having TDS.

This is despite the fact that I have praised Trump's court picks and I have called the impeachment process against Trump a witch hunt.

On December 15, I wrote Christmas Impeachment Stocking: There's Nothing In It.

I have also been accused of having TDS when I criticized Trump's trade policies.

Facts of the Matter

  1. I am a Libertarian.
  2. I am in favor of free markets in trade
  3. I am very anti-war
  4. I believe the US does not belong in the Mideast
  5. It is a war crime to target cultural sites.

I would speak out against anyone taking the other side of those issues. Thus, Trump has nothing at all to do with it.

TDS Irony

It is the people who mindlessly believe Trump can do no right or wrong who have TDS.

Most of those accusing others of TDS, have it themselves.

Number One Afflicted Person

Trump, more than any person in the world is in love with himself. He thinks he is the remaking of Rocky.

If that's not totally deranged, what is?

Perception vs Reality

For further discussion and more examples of Trump depicting himself as a hero, please see Did Trump Tweet a Picture of Himself as Rocky Balboa?

The next time you accuse someone of having TDS, please look at Trump first, then in a mirror to see who really has it.

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