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Stringer wants to shut down all the restaurants, bars, and schools.

Something has Snapped

NYC Councilman Mark Levine says Something has snapped in the last 12 hours.

Today must be the day we move to ShutDownNYC.

One way or another the only way to stop the spread is to take drastic measures.


Maryland’s governor ordered casinos, racetracks and betting facilities to close “indefinitely.”

Staggering Pockets of Amazing Complacency Elsewhere

The amount of circulating complacency is staggering.

One person told me this this is not a virus problem, it's an immune problem.

One look at Italy is all that it should take to dispel such ignorance.

Assume 90% of the people are OK. The other 10% will fill every hospital bed in the county just as happened in Italy.

Italian doctors are making life and death decisions over how gets fluids and respirators because there are not enough beds and supplies to go around.

Misplaced Faith in the Weather

Others have faith in the weather. The obvious problem with this weather meme is the virus will return in the fall, assuming risks do diminish in the summer.

Please note that Australia had 248 cases yesterday. Today it has 300. And that assumes the number is accurate. Weather in Sydney is in the 70's .

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If the virus slows in the summer, it will establish firmly in the southern hemisphere and return in the fall. It's not like the virus will vanish forever due to the weather.

There is an excellent video on Nate Silver's 538 site on the weather. I discussed the video and linked to it here: The Weather Does Not Make Viruses Go Away

I advise watching the video, especially if you are a "no worse than the Flu" proponent.

In regards to immunity silliness, here is the key point "The problem is not whether you will recover. The problem is whether you spread it to somebody who doesn't."

So, I suppose if you are certain you have strong immunity and do not give a damn about anyone else who may pick up the disease from you, then there is no problem other than beds filling up and doctors having to decide who gets treatment and who doesn't.

What About China?

Assuming you believe China's death count total, no one in their right mind does, or that China's caseload is in a strong downslope (very believable), is it just a matter of carrying on as usual in expectation it all goes away because it appears to be doing that in China?


China locked down 100 million people who could not leave their houses for a month. It has very aggressive testing and even more aggressive social measures.

The Choice

The US either needs to do the same, or risk ending up like Italy. That is the choice.

But hey, if you have a strong immune system and don't give a damn about anyone else, then carry on as usual.

Coronavirus Week in Review

In case you missed it, please consider Coronavirus Week in Review: Top 10 Things That Happened last week.

This week is starting off on an ominous note.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock