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Of the 8.5 Million Unemployed, 37% Have Been So For 27 or More Weeks

Long-term unemployment levels are high but improving. They are also far better than the Great Recession.
Unemployment Levels by Duration 2021-08

Unemployment Levels by Duration Detail 

Unemployment Levels by Duration Detail 2021-08

There are 8.492 million persons unemployed as of August. Of the unemployed, 3.179 million have been unemployed 27 weeks or longer. 

The unemployment levels by duration have mostly been steady since the beginning of the year.

However, the past two months have shown a big improvement in those unemployed 27 weeks or longer.

We have seen a drop from 3.985 million to 3.179 million in two months, an improvement of 806 thousand.

Nonfarm Payrolls +235,000 but No Leisure and Hospitality Jobs


Despite the welcome reduction in the long-term unemployed, the last jobs report was much weaker than expected.

Despite millions of openings, the Leisure and Hospitality sector added no jobs in August.

For details, please see Nonfarm Payrolls +235,000 but No Leisure and Hospitality Jobs

Restaurants are understaffed and millions of openings remain. Economic distortions abound.

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