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Cases Top 100,000 for 9th Consecutive Day

The Wall Street Journal reports Covid-19 Surges to New Levels Across U.S., States Impose Flurry of Measures.

Governors in New York, Maryland, Minnesota, Iowa, Utah and other states have imposed measures as U.S. cases hit another high Wednesday, topping 100,000 for the ninth day in a row, while hospitalizations rose to a record 65,386, according to the Covid Tracking Project.

“It’s on fire. We’ve got to slow it down,” Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine said in an interview Wednesday. “We’ve never seen anything like this. Our spring surge and summer surge were nowhere like this.”

Republican Governor Imposes Stricter Mask Order 

Mr. DeWine, a Republican, on Wednesday imposed a stricter mask order that allows authorities to briefly close businesses that are repeat violators, and put new restrictions on social gatherings such as wedding receptions and banquets. He said he might close bars, restaurants and fitness centers—places where it is difficult to maintain mask wearing—a week from Thursday if “the current trend continues.”

Mr. DeWine said several metrics have him very concerned. Daily cases in Ohio have more than quadrupled since late September, topping a record 6,500 on Tuesday, while testing hasn’t even doubled. The number of hospitalized Covid-19 patients is approaching 3,000, compared with a high of about 1,100 at any one time during the spring and summer surges, and a record number of intensive-care patients have the virus.

Mr. DeWine said the focus on fatalities, which are terrible, obscures the fact that many people who survive “really go through hell. We forget about them.”

65,000 Hospitalized

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States reported 1.4M new tests and 144k cases, another all-time high. 65.4k people are hospitalized, 15k more than on election day. The death toll was 1,421, pushing the 7-day average over 1,000.

SOS in Germany

Nonsense About Masks 

Masks Don't Work2

Plenty of people actually believe those claims, offering fake science news as alleged proof.

At last count, over 248,000 people in the US have died of a scam. Is that amazing or what?