Theresa May is set to be outed as UK Prime Minister. The only question is how much further damage she is willing to inflict on UK citizens before she goes.

Lie of the Day

Here's the lie of the day: Theresa May Says Brexit Won't be Easier if I'm Ousted.

> There has been widespread criticism of the 585-page withdrawal agreement - published alongside a shorter document setting out what the UK and EU's future relationship could look like - which is set be signed off at a summit next week.

> Mrs May told Sky News's Ridge on Sunday it had been a "tough week" but that she would not be distracted. She added the next seven days "are going to be critical" for the UK's future.

> Asked whether Sir Graham Brady - chairman of the backbench 1922 committee - had received the 48 letters needed to trigger a confidence vote in her leadership, she replied: "As far as I know, no - it has not."

> And in a warning to those pushing for a change of leader, she said: "It is not going to make the negotiations any easier and it won't change the parliamentary arithmetic."

Negotiations Easier

Of course it will make negotiations easier. There won't be any if the UK does things correct.

The UK and the EU will come up with a series of mini-deals and both will be under WTO rules.

As it stands now, May has to sell this absurd package then both the UK Parliament and the EU parliament have to agree to it. Then, since it does not solve the long-term problem of Ireland, the UK will be trapped in negotiations with the EU for years if not permanently.

Looking for a taste of what's to come. Look at France for an example.


France Demands UK Climate Pledge in Return for Brexit Trade Deal

Please consider France Demands UK Climate Pledge in Return for Brexit Trade Deal

> France is pushing the UK to incorporate future European climate change directives into law automatically in return for an ambitious trade deal with the EU.

> A large number of member states fear that the UK could enjoy an economic advantage after Brexit if it were able to diverge from European laws and regulations, and they want to use their leverage now to force a commitment from future British governments.

That is just one example of the BS the UK will have to face to "solve" the Irish problem.

Not the Final Deal

Misinformation Not

Dobbie is correct that this is not the "final deal" But ...

If the UK approves this idiotic bargain, the "final deal" will be much worse. France provides a perfect example of the kinds of demands the EU will place to reach a "final" deal.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

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