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In a case headed to the Oregon Supreme Court, a circuit court declared the lockdown "null and void".

In a late Monday ruling, the Oregon Supreme Court stepped in to put a hold on a dramatic decision by an eastern Oregon judge that declared not only Gov. Kate Brown’s restrictions on church gatherings “null and void” but all her “Stay Home Save Lives’’ coronavirus emergency orders.

Earlier Monday, Circuit Judge Matthew B. Shirtcliff ruled that the governor’s executive orders in response to the global pandemic exceeded a 28-day limit adopted by state lawmakers and were no longer valid in response to a suit filed by 10 churches against the governor.

Shirtcliff granted a preliminary injunction to the churches, finding they had shown "irreparable harm'' from the deprivation of the right to freely exercise their religions.

This test case comes on the heels of a similar case in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Supreme Court Rules Lockdowns Are Illegal

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On May 13, I noted Wisconsin Supreme Court Rules Lockdowns Are Illegal

It will be interesting to see how the state supreme court rules.

Church gatherings have been one of the main ways in which the virus has spread.