Household Pulse Charts

I created the above chart from Household Pulse Surveys by the Census Bureau.

This is week #12. Data were collected between July 16, 2020 to July 21, 2020.

Here are more charts I made from the survey data.

No Pay 

Household Pulse Survey - No Pay Jul 21

Nearly 100 million people reported no pay in the reference week. Of them 37,744,514 were retired. 

62.173 million people were not retired and received no pay. 4.293 million said they did not want to work. 

Those with no pay but were not retired bottomed on June 23 at 55.780 million. 

Some people who are retired still want to work at least some hours. 

Number Employed

Household Pulse Survey - Number Employed  Jul 21

130.003 million people received pay in the reference week. The number of people employed peaked at  134.855 million for the survey ending June 16.

Did Not Work


Household Pulse Survey - Did Not Work  Jul 21

117.952 million people did not work in the reference week.

Some people who are retired still want to work at least some hours. 

Expect Income Loss

Household Pulse Survey - Expect Income Loss Jul 21

87.333 million people expect an income loss in the next four weeks. Income loss is by household, not individually.

Clock Ran Out 

As noted on Sunday the Clock Just Ran Out on $600 in Weekly Unemployment Benefits.

Roughly 130 million people are receiving some form of pandemic aid. 

Those with no pay or little pay will be hammered this week.

"So Far Apart on Covid Deal That We Don't Really Care"

These are huge numbers, especially the 62 million who received no pay at all.

Nonetheless, Trump says "We are So Far Apart on a Covid Deal That We Don't Really Care"


16.78 Million Unemployment Claims in Last 3 Weeks

Unemployment claims rose 6.606 million in the week of April 4, the third consecutive miserable week.

Unemployment Claims More Than Double Last Week's Record Total

Initial unemployment claims more than double last weeks total, and last week was then the largest in history.