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Pakistan is the Real Winner of the Afghanistan War

The US lost the War in Afghanistan. Let's discuss who won.
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Taliban in Pakistan Celebrate Trump's Agreement

The US Lost, But Who Won?

From a military and political aspect, the US and its taxpayers lost the war in Afghanistan. 

New York Times writer Jane Perlez discusses the setup in The Real Winner of the Afghan War? It’s Not Who You Think.

Pakistan, nominally a U.S. partner in the war, was the Afghan Taliban’s main patron, and sees the Taliban’s victory as its own. But now what does it do with its prize?

Just days after the Taliban took Kabul, their flag was flying high above a central mosque in Pakistan’s capital. It was an in-your-face gesture intended to spite the defeated Americans. But it was also a sign of the real victors in the 20-year Afghan war.

Pakistan was ostensibly America’s partner in the war against Al Qaeda and the Taliban. Its military won tens of billions of dollars in American aid over the last two decades, even as Washington acknowledged that much of the money disappeared into unaccounted sinkholes.

But it was a relationship riven by duplicity and divided interests from its very start after 9/11. Not least, the Afghan Taliban the Americans were fighting are, in large part, a creation of Pakistan’s intelligence service, the I.S.I., which through the course of the war nurtured and protected Taliban assets inside Pakistan.

The Obama administration never said publicly what it suspected: that the Pakistani military knew all along that bin Laden was living with his extended family in Abbottabad, one of Pakistan’s best-known garrison towns.

Taliban Supporters in Pakistan

Supporters of the religious political Party

I am not used to seeing hard-hitting, accurate, and exceptionally written assessments in the New York Times. 

A further check  shows the writer,  Jane Perlez, is not from the main office. 

Perlez is the Beijing bureau chief. She has served as bureau chief in Kenya, Poland, Austria, Indonesia and Pakistan, and was a member of the team that won the 2009 Pulitzer Prize for reporting in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

This was the subject of a Tweet chain.

View Outside the US

I found the piece, not "pretty good", but rather excellent. 

Cutting Deals With the Taliban

Taliban Cheer Trump's Agreement

Q: Trump made an agreement with the Taliban and who cheered the most?
A: The Taliban

Check out the lead image to this article one more time.

The Taliban knew that shortly after a US withdrawal, they would soon take over Afghanistan.  

Reality Check

Please watch the above Reality Check.

It ties the preceding Tweets together in one nice package.

Yet, note the underlying theme. CNN portrays the view we should have left residual forces in Afghanistan.

As Long as It Takes

Yesterday, I was listening to talk radio and one of the guests opined that we should have stayed in Afghanistan as long as it take.

Citing South Korea, he even admitted that might take decades. What he did not see is that it would also mean the US would have to win Pakistan as well.

Pakistan Played US for Patsies

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Pakistan played the US for patsies. We funneled hundreds of billions of dollars to this alleged "ally" only to have them openly shelter Osama Bin Laden.

While we pounded the hell out of Afghanistan, Pakistan sheltered Bin Laden.

US special forces finally killed located and killed him not in Afghanistan but in Pakistan. 

Biden Made Huge Mistakes

That does not excuse Biden's poor execution. Yet, the assessment of Perlez rings 100% true.

Trump's 2012 Prophecy

Please consider Trump's accurate assessment of the situation in 2012. 

Prophecy Statements

  • I am thinking the same thing as I have for the last number of years.
  • What are we doing there? These people hate us. 
  • As soon as we leave it's all going to blow up anyway

Yes, Biden made huge mistakes. Trump is crowing. But ...

If Trump could have gotten us out of Afghanistan without creating a mess, then why did he purposely leave it up to Biden to execute his plan instead of withdrawing by the end of 2020 as he originally promised?

Two Final Questions

  • What does the US do with our alleged ally Pakistan?
  • What does a nuclear armed Pakistan do when the Taliban attempt to take it over too?

Pakistan may have won, but Perlez hits the key question. What does it do with its victory? 

With that question, let's return to staying in as long as it takes. 

As Long as It Takes ALAIT Definition

ALAIT = Forever

No outside force has ever taken Afghanistan and ever will (short of exterminating the Afghan population).

Q: Then what?
A: Eventually the US would be dragged into an affair with Pakistan.

Q: At what cost?
A: The answer to that questions discloses the other winner in this mess: Defense contractors and warmongers seeking perpetual war.

Perpetual wars by definition are never meant to be won. They are meant to last forever.

The bottom line is Biden will get us out of Afghanistan and we should all be grateful.

There never was and never will be a military solution imposed by outsiders in Afghanistan

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