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Passenger Video of Engine on Fire

"Heavy Mayday"

Engine Parts Land in Back Yard

A Better Video Shows the Engine and Falling Debris.

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Boeing Suspends Aircraft With Pratt & Whitney 4000 Engines

Boeings woes continue as the company suspends 777s after Engine Failure on United Flight 328.

Boeing suspended operations for more than 100 of its aircraft Sunday after an engine on a United Airlines flight from Denver caught fire and fell apart, scattering debris in a Colorado neighborhood before the plane landed safely.

The suspensions apply to the model airplane used in Saturday's flight to Hawaii, the 777 powered by Pratt & Whitney 4000-112 engines, the company said in a statement.

Video from a passenger on United Flight 328 — which was carrying 231 people to Honolulu on Saturday — showed one of the plane's flaming engines falling apart in the sky. A pilot reported a "mayday" and told air traffic control that the plane had had an "engine failure," authorities said.

Large pieces of metal fell into a neighborhood in Broomfield, Colorado; there were no reports of injuries. The pilot turned the plane around and landed safely at Denver International Airport.

It's amazing that no one got hurt.