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In Arizona, Florida, and Texas, Hospitals Beds Are Rapidly Filling Up. In Houston, 273 patients all wait for a single available bed.

As the pandemic pushes U.S. hospitals in the South and West near capacity, the urgent need for available beds has stranded patients in emergency rooms, scrambled ambulances and forced patients to relocate hundreds of miles to relieve overcrowded wards.

In Arizona, hospitals are using a statewide transfer center to move 30 to 50 patients between hospitals each day, according to the director of the state’s Department of Health Services. In Florida, hospital giant HCA Healthcare Inc. isn’t accepting patients transferred from other overflowing hospitals. In Houston, the daily hunt for empty beds has left critically ill patients to wait hours or days in emergency rooms for vacancies.

A dozen Houston-area hospitals had a combined 273 patients holding in emergency rooms for an empty bed Tuesday, including about 40 in need of intensive care, said Darrell Pile, chief executive of the Southeast Texas Regional Advisory Council, which tracks bed availability and helps hospitals coordinate transfers. “This disaster beats all disasters,” he said.

In Laredo, Texas, a surge in new Covid-19 infections was overwhelming the city’s hospitals, which were running out of inpatient beds, medical equipment and health-care workers to treat patients, said Victor Treviño, Laredo’s Health Authority.

Emergency Actions

  • Arizona requires hospitals that have capacity to accept patients from its state transfer coordination center, said Cara Christ, head of Arizona’s Department of Health Services. 
  • In Florida, HCA Healthcare said last week it would limit scheduled surgeries and cancel those that could safely be postponed.
  • In Texas, Gov. Greg Abbott halted surgery across four counties, including Harris County, which is home to Houston. Since then, intensive-care occupancy across the county’s hospitals has increased to 98% from 92%, SETRAC data show. Mr. Abbott later expanded the number of counties subject to the order.

Cases and Deaths

New Cases 2020-07-16

"Just Like The Flu" Except 

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This is just another one of those just like the flu "except" stories except for one thing: "Except" does not matter.

If any of these people die, please note that 100% of them would have died eventually anyway.

Besides, Texas is not as bad as New York. If and when Texas catches up to New York, that will not matter either because of rights.

What About Rights?

  • The rights of people to infect others must be preserved. 
  • The rights of people to not be infected by others is nonexistent. 

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