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No Smoking Gun

In his Op-Ed rant, Trump and His Corrupt Old Party Paul Krugman goes on his typical party rant.

He asks "How much corruption, how much collusion with foreign powers and betrayal of the national interest will that party’s elected representatives stand for?"

Moment of Temporary Sanity

For a second, I thought Krugman had a moment of "temporary sanity".

Krugman accurately stated "The inquiry hasn’t found a smoking gun;"

Alas, that snip is out of context.

Here is Krugman's complete thought: "The inquiry hasn’t found a smoking gun; it has found what amounts to a smoking battery of artillery. Yet almost no partisan Republicans have turned on Trump and his high-crimes-and-misdemeanors collaborators."

Convictable Proof

I ask where's the convictable proof?

I can easily see why people believe Trump is guilty. But Democrats have made a mockery of the process.

Their witnesses look like fools under Republican questioning. I wrote about it the other day in Democrat Impeachment Star Witnesses Useful as Dust.

And we have seen more of these exchanges all end the same way.

The fact remains that believing someone is guilty, and actually having convictable evidence are two different things.

So far, this is just the typical nonsense that one would expect from Krugman.

It's hardly worth the time to comment. A reply to his own post is what caught my attention.

If the Republic Survives

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Can the US Survive Trump?

Krugman actually questions whether or not the republic can survive Trump.

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Then he proposes that "if" the US survives, Schiff will be viewed as "one of our great political heros".


Yet, I have a friend who believes a similar thing, that Trump will not stand down if he loses the next election and the US will morph into some sort of dictatorship.

Krugman's comments will no doubt play on such fears.

But the idea is absurd. Trump would not do that, and he would not get away with it if he tried.

Why Read Krugman?

People ask why I read Krugman. Actually, on occasion, Krugman is right about something.

For example, Krugman wrote a post mocking hyperinflationists. I took his side to the great consternation of "inflationistas" who thought I too was wrong.

Well here we are with interest rates at near record lows.

Also, you learn more from those you disagree with than those who agree.

Finally, you get pure nonsense like this that is worthy of serious rebuttal.

Good Presidents and Bad Presidents

The US has had good presidents and bad presidents.We survived them all.

We survived a civil war and unconstitutional theft of gold and burning of crops by president Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

Roosevelt belonged in prison. Instead, he is revered.

The US survived LBJ and his asinine war in Vietnam. It survived George Bush and his asinine war in Iraq and Afghanistan.

One Toke Over the Line

It is beyond idiotic to propose the US may not survive Trump.

I offer this musical tribute.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock