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People Are Still Hyperventilating Over Covid-19, I suggest It's Time to Celebrate

The Covid-19 hyperventilation continues, led by Dr. Eric Ding.
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Daily UK Covid-Deaths 2021-06-21

Journalist Walker Bragman is extremely concerned and complains government "isn't going to do anything else about it." 

Walker Bragman

Bragman Tweet

Dr. Ding hyperventilated with red circles then retweeted Bragman's complaint.

Here's another.

US to be Slammed Hard Says Ding

"6) #DeltaVariant is surging worldwide. US and continental Europe are going to be slammed very hard soon. Double vaccinate ASAP."

Daily New Confirmed Deaths 

Daily New Confirmed Deaths 2021-06-21
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On a 7-day rolling average the UK went from a peak of 18.31 deaths per million to 0.16 deaths per million.

The "about to be slammed US" went from 9.48 deaths per million to 0.89 deaths per million.

Dear Dr. Ding and Journalist Bragman

Dear Dr. Ding, @DrEricDing, and journalist @WalkerBragman: Why are you hyperventilating over 14 deaths in the last 6 days, down from 1823 in a single day in January?

Do Something!

"Our government isn't going to do anything else about this."

What Should Government Do?

  1. Celebrate success 
  2. Mock ridiculous hype
  3. Encourage vaccinations and work on vaccine improvements 

There is nothing else government should do. 

Meanwhile,the current hype is counterproductive. People can see through it and that cannot possibly help.