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This sounds like it is straight from the Onion, but it isn't.

Nunes has filed seven lawsuits against media companies, activists and the investigative research firm behind the Steele Dossier.

Please consider Devin Nunes’ attorney says he’s at ‘dead end’ in quest to reveal identity of Twitter cow.

Nunes, R-Tulare, filed a lawsuit against Twitter last year alleging he was defamed on Twitter by Republican political strategist Liz Mair and the writers behind anonymous social media accounts that call themselves “Devin Nunes’ Cow” and “Devin Nunes’ Mom.”

Nunes' suit complains social media and Mair conspired against his re-election and harmed his reputation. 

Nunes attorney, Steven Biss, demands Twitter reveal who is behind the Twitter accounts @DevinCow and @Mom_Nunes

There are many Mom handles but I believe that is the correct one. 

Devin Nunes' Cow Has 721,000 Followers

Devin Nunes' Mom


Udder Failure

Trump vs Nunes

The Nunes suit accuses Twitter of censoring because it allows Tweets from a cow. 

Donald Trump threatens Twitter because Twitter amended his Tweets with tags suggesting Trump was Tweeting lies. Trump says that is censoring.

Vox reports that In 2017, Twitter filed suit against the government after it tried to compel the social media site to reveal the identity of an account that had been tweeting criticism of the president.

In a lawsuit filed in the U.S. District Court in the Northern District of California, Twitter revealed that the Department of Homeland Security in March had demanded that the company reveal who is behind @ALT_USCIS, an anonymous account that has been raising alarms about U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services and Trump’s immigration policies.

Twitter contends the request amounts to an “unlawful” use of the government’s investigative powers, as the rules that allow customs and border officials to issue summonses generally relate to the import of merchandise, including counterfeit goods — not information involving online accounts.

Democratic Sen. Ron Wyden, an ally of Silicon Valley in Congress, blasted the Trump administration for its conduct. “The Department of Homeland Security appears to have abused its authority and wasted taxpayer resources, all to uncover an anonymous critic on Twitter,” the Oregon lawmaker told Recode in a statement. He said the agency’s inspector general -- a watchdog that reviews for abuse — should “investigate to determine who directed this witch hunt.”

Frivolous Lawsuits

Please note that Nunes was cosponsor of the 2017-2018  Discouraging Frivolous Lawsuits Act.

Nunes filed his lawsuits in Virginia but sources say neither the cow nor the cow's mom ever lived in virginia. 

House Intelligence Committee 

Bear in mind Nunes is a ranking member on the House Intelligence Committee.  

Lawfare notes that Nunes has also been involved in a number of controversial intelligence actions: A Timeline of the House Intelligence Committee Chairman: All the Nunes That’s Fit to Print.

New Cow Followers

I would not be aware of any of this were it not for the fact that Nunes hit a dead end suing a cow. 

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The number of people following @DevinCow just went up by at least one (mine) and I expect more to come. 

Suppression of Ideas is Serious Business

Nunes' Cow is both funny and serious. 

I support Twitter's right to amend Trump Tweets (it is their platform and they can set the rules for it) but I believe it is the wrong thing to do. 

Twitter should not try to be the arbiter of what is fake news because it will make errors.

Instead, I suggest Twitter should continue to let Trump make a fool out of himself. Enough people will reply.

Welcome Back Zero Hedge

Yesterday, I commented Welcome Back Zero Hedge: The Thought Police Admit Error

After 6 months, Twitter admitted it made an error in "permanently" suspending ZeroHedge.

I commented: 

Welcome Back

We can use a lot more of writers who are willing to speak their minds. But the risk of course is obvious, as a 6-month suspension shows.

You don't have to like what he says, or how he says it, but please appreciate the fact that he can say it.

Questions of the Day

Q: Is Twitter going to catch everything Trump says that is a lie?

A: Of course not. 

Also, Twitter might claim a Trump statement is false, when its judgement is questionable.

Finally, by trying to arbitrate such matters, people might accept Trump lies as the Truth simply because Twitter does not chime in.

Thought Police

A close friend of mine accurately summed up the situation as follows:

"The point of journalism and the point of educational institutions is to promote free and thoughtful inquiry.

But most Democrats will not speak out as they fear the wrath of the woke crowd just as Republicans fear the wrath of Trump."

If you say anything at all against Trump you automatically are accused of having TDS.

And heaven help you if you run a newspaper and say something like White Lives Matter or Buildings Matter, because if you do, you will soon be out of a job.

The middle is very fearful of the radical Left and the radical Right. This is a very dangerous slope we are on.

In case you missed it, please see Trump and the Media Both Destroying Themselves

It's my take on excellent commentary by Matt Taibbi who accurately blasts Trump as a "clown" and more importantly, the media thought police who destroy journalism.