Here is a link to the page Real Estate Collapse – Sell Your House Now.

This was a load of fun and they invited me back. I have no date or time.

Thanks Phil!

I suggested a half-hour or hour phone-in show with calls from listeners on the economy.


Mike "Mish" Shedlock

Australia's House of Cards is Collapsing: Recession Coming Up

Australia's housing collapse is now in full swing. A recession will follow shortly.

Fun Interview with Lance Roberts on Serious Topics: Trade, Inflation

Had a lot of fun last night with radio host Lance Roberts. We discussed free trade, market valuations, and inflation.

Beyond Bubble: $9 Million Vancouver Teardown; Ordinary Houses Sell for $Millions Over Asking Price

There are bubbles, then there are really bubbles. I am at a loss for words how obscenely overpriced the Vancouver housing market has become. Sellers list “low” prices hoping to start a bidding war, and the strategy works.

California Ground Zero in Upcoming Real Estate Bust

Looking for a severe real estate bust? Try Australia or California. Both represent ground zero.

Generational Chance to Sell Equities?

Are tax cuts the final carrot in the free money episode we have witnessed over the last eight years?

My Yearbook Accuses Me of "Taking People's Life Savings": What Does Your Say?

In the wake of Kavanaugh accusations, I reviewed my high school yearbook. It seems I took my best friend's life savings.

Housing Collapse Coming Right Up

Mortgage rates are high and rising. Refinancing opportunities are nonexistent; home affordability has collapsed.

Too Big To Sell

Wealthy baby boomers are trapped in homes that are too big to sell. They want to downsize but can't get what they paid.

Retail Apocalypse? Deflationary Collapse?

Through the third quarter, 6,752 locations were scheduled to shutter in the US according to the International Council of Shopping Centers. That's more than double the 2016 total and is close to surpassing the all-time high of 6,900 in 2008, during the depths of the financial crisis.