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Please Consider an Actual White House (Not the Onion) Vaccination Promo

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Actual White House Promo to Encourage People to Get Vaccinated

A Day In My Life As a White House Intern

Here’s a hilarious White House sponsored video to promote vaccinations. The video features comedian Benny Drama, a Tic Tok star whose real name Benito Skinner.

Pink News says Drama is known for his impeccable Kris Jenner impression. 

Drama takes his character “Gen Z Intern” to the White House.

Video Features Drama and White House Press Secretary

The video was filmed at the White House and includes actual clips that include White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki.

Ben Shapiro Reaction

In dripping sarcasm Shapiro Comments “If there is one group of people that I would say rural Trump voters love is Tic-Tok stars. Love em.”

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After playing clips, Shapiro comments “The group least likely to be vaccinated is people who identify as Republican and Black and Hispanic Americans. I’m just wondering, is this Benny Drama character either super popular among rural Trump voters and Tucker Carlson watchers or Black Americans living in the inner city?

Disingenuous Take

Clearly, this video was not aimed at either Republicans or Blacks. It was aimed at Gen Z. Stats show that age group is least likely to be vaccinated.

I do find the video funny although my initial reaction was along the lines of “Is this real or is it The Babylon Bee (a more modern version of The Onion)."

Questions of the Day

  • Will the video encourage Gen Zers to get vaccinated?
  • Will older Republicans and Blacks see the video and respond negatively?

I do not know the answer to either question and neither does Shapiro.

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