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The Wall Street Journal reports U.S., China Set Tentative Timeline for Next Round of Trade Talks.

Under the draft schedule, U.S. trade representative Robert Lighthizer is tentatively set to travel to Beijing the week of April 29, the person said, with Chinese envoy Liu He coming to Washington the week of May 6.

Talks are continuing, and U.S. and Chinese officials have missed previous deadlines aimed at finishing a deal. But if the senior officials succeed in reaching an accord, then officials from both countries could spend a couple of weeks wrapping up the agreement’s text and legal language before a hoped-for presidential signing ceremony as soon as Memorial Day [May 27], the person said.

Changing Schedule

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  • In December: No later than March 1
  • On March 1: By the end of March
  • On April 4: After meeting with Mr. Liu in the White House. “Within the next four weeks or maybe less, maybe more, whatever it takes, something very monumental could be announced,” said Trump.
  • Today: Possibly as early as May 27. If not, then tentatively sometime in June.

I am glad to see we firmed up that date.

Meanwhile, please note Trump Asks China to Shift Soybean Tariffs to Something Else.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock