"Down With Tyranny" (DWT) asks What Sounds Better To You-- Guaranteed Basic Income Or Federal Job Guarantee?

That's a lot like asking: Would you rather lose your left leg or right arm to cancer?

Striving for "Full Employment"

DWT claims defines full employment as "everyone seeking a job gets one."

"Federal jobs could provide socially useful goods and services," says the socialist website. The claim is debatable. Someone with no skills to do anything certainly cannot do anything useful.

Moreover, DWT never bothers to ask, "At what cost?"

To give everyone a job who wants one, government will be employing millions of totally useless people including unstable drug addicts or worse. And the costs will mount with training and transportation costs.

Fewer Poor Americans?

DWT claims "A Job Guarantee Means Fewer Poor Americans". Once again that is debatable. Socialist programs never work as advertised.

The expense of paying people some "basic income" has to come from somewhere. And the only place it can come from is from the productive segments of society.

Right now the push is for $15. If such a program actually was implemented, the push would be for $20, then $25, then higher.

Socialist silliness and MMT often go hand-in-hand. These MMTers believe there is no cost to government taking over industry and creating jobs.

If the free market is unable to provide the function, the job isn't needed.

Support for Communism

The communists and economic illiterates were out in full force praising DWT's idea.

"Support for UBI is properly grounded on the idea of shared common resources that we should all benefit from," claims responder Pyradius.

That sounds suspiciously like Karl Marx's communist manifesto: "From each according to his ability, to each according to his need."


UBI a Libertarian Idea?

Here's a funny comment by Mainstreeter: "UBI is a scam by the libertarians to eliminate social security, Medicare and the like."

The fact of the matter is no one supporting UBI can rightly call himself a Libertarian.

MMT Nonsense

Here's another one that's a real hoot. Reader Dan stated, "MMT is not your friend, unless you are a pro-capitalism elitist."

Once again the commenter could not possibly be further off base. No pro-capitalist can possibly believe in something as foolish as MMT.

Something for Nothing, from Nothing

​You cannot get something from nothing, at no cost, no matter how hard you try.

The idea that government can just print the money and give it away has been proven false time and time again.

One must be trained to believe such nonsense. Unfortunately, nonsense is precisely what most colleges and universities teach. Many academics have never had a job in the real world.

Productivity, already a huge concern, would collapse on these foolish schemes. Carried to extreme, hyperinflation would eventually result.


Venezuela provides a nice example of socialism in action. So does Zimbabwe.

Yet, these absurd idea go on and on and on. Socialist fools never learn.

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