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Q: What's the specific accusation?

A: The project claims an Insider Blows Whistle & Exec Reveals Google Plan to Prevent “Trump situation” in 2020 on Hidden Cam.

Video "Proof"

You-Tube removed the video, but you can play it in the above link.

Alleged "Brave Insider" Synopsis

A voice-disguised, alleged insider claims Google “is bent on never letting somebody like Donald Trump come to power again.” The video does not show that insider.

Instead, the video hops back and forth from a person you cannot see to Google exec Jen Gennai, head of Responsible Innovation.

The video makes it appear as if responses by Gennai were related to accusations by the alleged insider, but the reality is Project Veratis hides the actual questions it posed.

We do see and hear this response by Gennai: "Trust and Safety, top of my mind they [presumably developers] have been working on it since 2016, to make sure we're ready for 2020."

In a similar recorded clip, there is a question about Artificial Intelligence (AI) but we do not know the exact question.

Jen Gennai responds "The reason we launched our A.I. principles is because people were not putting that line in the sand. That there were not saying what's fair and equitable so we're like, well we are a big company, we're going to say it. People who voted for the current president do not agree with our definition of fairness."

There is yet another question we do not hear with this answer from Gennai, in the form of her own question: "We're also training our algorithms if 2016 happened again, would we have, would the outcome be different?"

Throughout, the "brave" voice-disguised alleged insider fails to reveal himself.

25 Minutes of Garbage

If you wish to hear 25 minutes of grossly-distorted, out of context conspiracy theories, then play the entire video.

At a minimum, it would have been more credible if we at least heard the questions that Gennai answered instead of having the questions appear as if they came from a voice-muffled, alleged insider.

Hack the Election

Tucker Carlson at Fox News piles on with this allegation Google Wants To Hack 2020 Election.

Hacking? Really?

Hold on, the claims get sillier.

Nazi Dog Whistles

If you can stomach watching, there is a discussion of Nazis and dog whistles in the Veritas video.

Project Veritas Banned by Vimeo

Google took the video down and so did Vimeo.

ZeroHedge reported Project Veritas Banned By Vimeo After Uploading Undercover Google Exposé.

Media Conspiracy

The Vimeo ban led to charges of media conspiracies involving, Google, You-Tube, Vimeo, and Twitter.

James O'keefe, president of Project Veritas, made these claims:

Privacy Policy

YouTube’s privacy guidelines ban videos that identify people who don’t want to be identified.

There are exceptions for public figures, but Gennai is not a public figure.

James O'keefe lied.

Successful Gotcha

The Verge provides a genuinely intelligent discussion: Project Veritas’ YouTube sting was deeply misleading — and successful

The whole situation would probably have stayed quiet if it weren’t for Ted Cruz, who called out the video in an uncomfortable moment at the Senate Commerce hearing the following day. Cruz was questioning Google UX Director Maggie Stanphill, who was nominally there to speak about dark patterns in interface design. Cruz took her to task for the quote in the video, and then again when he realized she hadn’t actually read the report.

“I would recommend people interested in political bias at Google watch the entire report and judge for yourself,” Cruz said. The clip was then circulated on the usual right wing outlets (Town Hall, Breitbart, PJ Media), and got a minor replay from the Homeland Security Committee the next day. After that last hearing, the scandal grew big enough that YouTube decided to issue an official denial, saying simply “we apply our policies fairly and without political bias.”

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It’s embarrassing that Congress took this so seriously, and no one wants to give it any more attention than it deserves. But O’Keefe has played this trick over and over, so it’s worth breaking down exactly what’s happening here.

To start with, there’s a fairly straightforward reason why the Veritas video was banned. YouTube’s privacy guidelines ban videos that identify people who don’t want to be identified. The offending footage is the hidden-camera video of Gennai, who is no one’s idea of a public figure, and obviously didn’t consent to be in the video.

Even if you see Veritas as making a newsworthy point about platform bias, it’s hard to argue that including Gennai’s name and face was necessary to make that point. (Hidden camera footage used on broadcast news typically blurs out faces for exactly this reason.)

O'keefe Tactics

Please consider this Wikipedia discussion of James O'Keefe

James Edward O'Keefe III (born June 28, 1984) is an American conservative political activist. He produces secretly recorded undercover audio and video encounters with figures and workers in academic, governmental, and social service organizations, purporting to show abusive or allegedly illegal behavior by employees and/or representatives of those organizations. He has been criticized for selectively editing videos to misrepresent the context of the conversations and the subjects' responses, creating the false impression that people said or did things they did not.

He gained national attention for his video recordings of workers at Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) offices in 2009, his arrest and guilty plea in 2010 for entering the federal office of then-U.S. Senator Mary Landrieu (D-LA) under false pretenses, and the release of videos of conversations with two high-ranking, now former, NPR executives in 2011.

When his videos portraying ACORN workers seemingly aiding a couple in criminal planning hit the 24-hour cable news cycle, the U.S. Congress quickly voted to freeze funds for the non-profit. The national controversy resulted in the non-profit also losing most of its private funding before investigations of the videos concluded no illegal activity occurred. In March 2010, ACORN was close to bankruptcy and had to close or rename most of its offices.

One of the fired ACORN workers sued O'Keefe for invasion of privacy; O'Keefe issued an apology and agreed to pay $100,000 in a settlement.


Wikipedia is obviously part of the giant global medial conspiracy.

Once a Crook, Not Always a Crook

Once a crook does not mean always a crook but there is no doubt the videos violate Google's terms of service.

Moreover, the video clearly hid the questions.

Extreme Polarization

No doubt, right-wing conspiracy theorists will not get this far.

They stopped reading long ago. In two seconds flat I was no doubt branded as being part of the radical left-wing conspiracy, willing to do and say anything to aid the radical-left cause.

Curiously, I was accused just yesterday, on Twitter, of being both far-left and far-right.

If you support Trump on anything, you are accused of being far-right. If you don't, then, in this binary world, you must be far-left.

The same applies to abortion and a whole slew of issues that have been polarized beyond belief.

Mish Q&A

Q1: Is mainstream media overwhelmingly biased against Trump?

A1: Yes, obviously

Q2: Did you vote for Trump?

A2: Yes

Q3: Would you vote for Trump again vs. Hillary

A3: Yes, I still would

Q4: Do you disagree with Trump on many things?

A4: Yes, unlike biased right-wing news sources, I often disagree with Trump. Unlike the biased liberal media, I sometimes agree with Trump.

Q5: Can you provide examples?

A5: Yes, I believe Trump made two excellent choices for the Supreme Court. I vehemently disagree with Trump regarding trade policy.

Is Mish Part of the Giant Media Conspiracy?

Clearly, I am part of the conspiracy.

In this polarized, one-or-the-other world, there is no room for middle ground on anything.

Thus, I am simultaneously extreme right-wing and extreme left-wing.

That is the only logical conclusion.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock