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Quits Rate by Profession, Who's Quitting Their Jobs and Who's Happy?

The overall quits rate for jobs is 2.8% but there are wide variances between professions ranging from 1.0% to 5.7%.
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Quits Rate bu Professions 2021-10

This is a deeper dive into my previous post Job Openings Surge to Near Record in October as Quits Rate Dips from September Record

Job Openings, Hires, Separations, and Quits

Job Openings, Hires, Separations 2021-10

Quits hit an all-time high in September but that stat is only part of the story as the lead chart shows.  Here's another look that compares pre-pandemic quits to now.

Quits Rate Pre-Pandemic vs October 2021

Quits Rate Pre-Pandemic vs now 2021-10

Key Points

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  • The Total Nonfarm quits rate is currently 2.8% up from 2.2% pre-pandemic. Variances are deep.
  • Leisure and Hospitality had the highest quits rate pre-pandemic at 4.1% and that soared to 5.7% now.
  • Retail Trade is number 2 at 3.4% then vs 4.4% now. 
  • Transportation and Utilities, and Finance and Insurance have lower quits rates now than pre-pandemic. 
  • Finance and Insurance has the lowest quits rate at 1.0% with Transportation and Utilities at 1.8%. 

Why the BLS groups transportation with utilities and education with health is a mystery.

With over 11 million job openings, it's easy to search for better opportunities. Leisure and Hospitality leads the way.

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