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Reader "Zavo" just posted this on my site.

Mish, I was inspired by your COVID tracking data site you found and your projection graphs you posted to add similar projections to our interactive map at work. This map (dashboard) contains details on the coronavirus in Florida, USA, and the world. We added lots of nice data graphs to consume, including hospitalizations. Zoom out on the map to see spatial data for the states and other countries. The COVID tracking data site was a great find. Thanks.

Coronavirus Dashboard

Thanks to Zavo for an excellent site.

Please check out the Coronavirus Dashboard.

The site says "Florida Coronavirus Dashboard", but it is not just Florida. My snip shows New York.


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Use the wheel on your mouse or the +- keys to zoom in and on the central portion of the site to zoom not just nationally, but internationally.

Here is one of my posts that seems to have inspired Zavo: Coronavirus Trend: One in 10 of Those Hospitalized Die

Here is my original post: Covid Tracking Project: How Long to 1 Million US Cases?

I don't deserve much credit (but I am pleased to have helped in a small way).

Hats off to Zavo and everyone else involved if it is a team effort.

Also thanks to the Covid Tracking Project for the data.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock