The New York Times notes a Record $2.5 Trillion in Mergers Were Announced in the First Half of 2018.

History Lesson

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Cross Border Deals Total $1 Trillion Despite Tariffs


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Economic Hangover

  • In 1989, deal-making topped out at $558 billion. By July of 1990, though, a recession had set in.
  • Companies announced acquisitions worth a then-record $3.4 trillion in 2000, and within three months the dot-com bubble had burst and the United States economy had fallen into recession.
  • Seven years later, merger activity hit another record, topping $4.1 trillion, but the economy had already slipped into recession as the year came to a close.

Will it be different this time?

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

Coincident Economic Indicators: History Suggests Recession is Close

The Philadelphia Fed's coincident economic activity index suggests the economy is close to recession.

Illinoisans Leave State in Record Numbers, and So Are We

According to new IRS documents for 2017 and 2018, people are fleeing Illinois in record numbers.

CME Fedwatch has 48% Chance of at Least Four Hikes in 2018. Inversion When?

Deutsche Bank research suggests the yield curve will invert in 2019. I suggest sooner if the Fed hikes 4 times.

Wanna Buy, Wanna Buy: Alibaba Singles' Day has Record $30.8 Billion Sales

Alibaba smashed its Singles Day sales record on Sunday with $30.8 billion in sales, over $1 billion in the first minute.

Economists Think Inflation Will Rise Sharply in 2018: They're Wrong

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Cheap: The Most Requested Apartment Search Word in 2018

Over 25% of those searching for an apartment in 2018 were looking for something "cheap". A close second was "studio".

State of the American Wallet: What's in Store for 2018?

As of June 2017, Americans had a record $1 trillion in revolving debt. Nonrevolving debt is growing even faster.

Record Buybacks at Worst Possible Time

JPMorgan estimates $800 billion in buybacks this year, a new record. Companies will squander money in an obvious bubble.

Buybacks and Dividends On Record $Trillion Pace

At the current pace, 2018 will mark the first year that corporate buybacks and dividends top the $trillion mark.