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Refreshing Honesty: Ron Paul Praises Aspects of Biden's Speech on Afghanistan!

How about some praise for refreshing honesty!?
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Taken at Face Value

Refreshing Honesty

Hello Biden haters, war mongers, and everyone addicted to partisan politics in general. 

Ron Paul "Taken At Face Value, Biden Said Some Good Things In His Afghanistan Speech."

I commend Paul's honesty in a political world where those on the Left will almost never admit Trump did anything right and those on the Right will almost never admit Biden would or even could get anything right.

Paul did go out of his way in saying he was not impressed with the speech, but his key comment in a Tweet he personally wrote rings true. 

Paul also stated "We made the case yesterday that we admitted that he [Biden] was not the main blame for it because this has been going on for 20 years. This is not a partisan issue. That's how it's lasted for 20 years.

Reflections on Skepticism

Paul nails the correct phraseology. He is skeptical (and so am I) about Biden's commitment.  

My skepticism regards the Mideast in general as opposed to Afghanistan in particular.

Biden's position on Afghanistan is sealed. There is no way he can or will ever admit he was wrong. More importantly, he made the correct decision, and he will go out out of his way to prove it. 

Expect Data and Declassified Reports

Given attacks from the Left and Right by warmongers and Biden haters, Biden will be forced to defend himself, and he will. 

So expect to see lots of previously classified documents released proving how f'd up this mission was and all the lies surrounding it that went on for 20 years.

Fallacy of the Endless Wars Rebuttal 

As fully expected, the WSJ was back at it again today with this op-ed piece: The ‘Endless Wars’ Fallacy

"There are many options between nation building and giving up, and we had found a good one in Afghanistan before President Biden abandoned it," says writer Dan Crenshaw representing "Warmongers Anonymous" who clearly cannot think.

Dear Warmongers Anonymous

The Trump administration reduced troops from roughly 15,500 American forces to 2,500 troops in country, and the Taliban was at its strongest militarily since 2001.

It is more than a bit absurd to believe keeping 2,500 troops in country would have stopped the Taliban. 

Indeed, it is even ridiculous to think 15,500 American forces could have stopped the Taliban.

And that is what Obama found out when he announced a withdrawal. The Taliban escalated and Obama lacked the courage to do the right thing and instead sent in more troops.  

Both Obama and Trump committed to leave then didn't. Trump announced he would leave by December 2020, then didn't. Instead, he reduced troop levels to 2,500 then announced a May 2021 withdrawal date, perhaps purposely creating a mess for Biden in the process. 

Stay in Your Lane

Like Eric Ding, I have many people asking me to stay in my lane (economics).

This is my lane because the impact of wasting trillions of dollars in a place where the mission was 100% guaranteed to be doomed should be obvious.

What warmongers really want is for me to support war. Like Ron Paul, I refuse.  

Mushy Thinking

Global News Network

Reflections on Mushy Thinking

  • Global News Network did not realize it was Trump who reduced troop levels to 2,500 before wimping out on a promise to leave by December 2020.
  • McBragg could not figure out the difference between praising the end of a war and celebrating a takeover when the Afghans themselves laid down their weapons and offered no resistance. 

McBragg has one hell of a chord to untangle.

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Forever Wars

Afghan war vet Lucas Kunce, a national security expert and Missouri Senate candidate, explains why Afghanistan's fall to the Taliban was inevitable.

Kunce: There was this hue systematic lie of institutional dishonesty perpetuated by the people in charge in Iraq and now we are seeing the same thing in Afghanistan.

The Hill: What was the moment you realised everything there [Afghanistan] was a lie?

Kunce: Sure, a little bit on my background. I am a foreign affairs officer. I deployed on two special force teams in Afghanistan in Winter 2012-2013 and again in 2014. oversaw 6,000 Afghan local police and I have never seen a more paper tiger force.

Kunce: They [the Afghans] did not win a single battle, no one won a battle if we did not fight it for them.   

Dear War Supporters

Please read that last sentence, over and over and over and over, until these simple facts sinks in.

  1. The Afghans refused to fight.
  2. The US failed at training Afghan security because their hearts were not in it. Heck, most of them were likely Taliban, taking our money and funding the insurgency!

Sudden Collapse

People wonder about the "sudden collapse".

Point two explains everything nicely. 

The US did nothing for the ordinary people of Afghanistan. Instead, the US funneled money to corrupt leaders who when the money ran out, laid down their weapons in surrender. 

That's what happened, and to defend himself, expect to see a lot of declassified documents involving Bush, Obama, and Trump. 

That does not resolve Biden of all blame. He voted for these wars. However, neither Bush, nor Obama, nor Trump had the courage or resolve to end this mess.

Biden did. 

Credit Biden for a Brilliant Speech Defending His Action in Afghanistan

Ron Paul gave some credit to Biden. I give more. I Credit Biden for a Brilliant Speech Defending His Action in Afghanistan

This does not mean I like Biden (and I don't). This does not mean I disagree with everything Trump did (and I didn't).

This does mean that I give credit where I believe credit is due instead of expressing blind loyalty to political parties.

It is refreshing to see someone else (in this case Dr. Paul), willing to do the same.

Sick of War Support

Thank You President Biden

Thank you President Biden for having the courage to finally admit we wasted 20 years and trillions of dollars in a futile effort that would have gone on for another decade  or more culminating precisely where we are today.

Unfortunately, I expect this to be the only major accomplishment of his administration. 

But let's not pretend it didn't happen. Let's also not pretend there is no a major economic angle to the story. Finally, let's not pretend the messy exit was more important than leaving itself. 

We should all be grateful US involvement in this mess is ending. And let's vow to never make the same mistake again.


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