Basis Point Spreads

  • 3-month to 1-year: 36
  • 1-year to 2-year: 23
  • 2-year to 3-year: 15:
  • 3-year to 5-year: 19
  • 5-year to 10-year: 16
  • 1--year to 30-year: 32

If the fed hikes twice more this year, with the one-year yield at 2.11 and the 3-month yield at 1.75, there is little room for anything but inversion or a nearly flat curve if rates on the long end fail to rise.

For discussion of the long bong trend, and Lacy Hunt's law of diminishing returns, please see Relentless Yield Curve Flattening.


Mike "Mish" Shedlock

Yield Curve to Completely Flatten in 2018: But How?

The T. Rowe Price Group expects the yield curve to completely flatten in 2018. This is not a surprise as I have been commenting the same way for quite some time. The more important question is how? By yields converging up, down, or a mix?

Flattening Yield Curve in One Picture

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Yield Curve Inverted Out to Seven Years

Portions of the yield curve are once again inverted all the way out to 7 years.

Yield Curve Steepened Since January 3 but Portions Remain Inverted

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