Boris Johnson announced that he would not have anyone in his cabinet who did not fully endorse Brexit by October 31.

In response, career politician, and Former Avid Remainer Amber Rudd Embraced No-Deal in Pitch to Johnson.

Rudd, one of the leading cabinet opponents of hard Brexit, publicly ditched her opposition to no deal on Thursday in a move that appeared designed to show she would be willing to serve with Johnson as prime minister. Rudd had previously joined with her cabinet colleagues David Gauke and Greg Clark to force Theresa May to take no deal off the table and stop the UK crashing out at the end of March.

But with Johnson on the brink of No 10, she has changed her mind, telling TalkRadio on Thursday morning: “Both candidates have said that no deal is part of the armoury going forward, and I have accepted that.

Friends of Rudd said she would like to keep her job as work and pensions secretary in a Johnson cabinet and it was better to be around the cabinet table as an influence than on the backbenches.

One of Johnson’s most senior Eurosceptic backers told the Guardian that the sight of centrist Tories falling over themselves to praise Johnson and saying “pick me, pick me” was now “embarrassing”. He singled out Matt Hancock, a former leadership candidate, for mockery, saying he was behaving like an “annoying younger brother” on Johnson’s leadership campaign with excessive keenness and volunteering.

Johnson is reported to have told cabinet hopefuls to stop “peacocking” in their desperation to show their fitness for top jobs.

Pension Secretary Meow

Rudd now meows "please let me keep my Pension Secretary job."

Amber Rudd's changing meow is believable.

It's believable because the moment she would not support Brexit, she would be gone.

She's a blue-ribbon winner political-opportunist hypocrite.

Debate Meows


In the most recent political debate, interviewer Andrew Neil hit Jeremy Hunt with this question: "Like Theresa May you voted to Remain. Like Theresa May you’re a Tory technocrat. Like Theresa May you voted for her Brexit deal, three times. Why would the Tories want more of the same when it’s hardly been a golden age for them? "

Hunt's response: Meow, "I am a totally different person."

Hunt then went on, refusing to rule out delaying Brexit beyond Christmas. Meow not.

Hunt's Changing Meows

Hunt's "I am a totally different person" meow is not remotely believable. Proof came when he refused to take delays off the table.

He is a liar who wants to sink Brexit.

Peacock Meows

These peacock meows like those of Rudd are interesting but moot.

Yet, the fact that Tories now bending over backward with peacock displays hoping to win a position in Johnson's cabinet show just how much political reality has changed.

Furthermore, any Tory party member willing to vote with Corbyn in a motion of no confidence will lose their seat and that might not even stop no deal.

Meows Say

Meows say: Prepare for Brexit on October 31.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

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