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CDC Director Humiliated Into Submission

"I did the math," said Porter, holding up a whiteboard on which she wrote the associated costs of a coronvirus test at $1,331 bill.

Trump's CDC director Robert Redfield was not prepared for the exchange even though Porter sent in her questions a week ago and repeated them the day before.

Totally Clueless

Assuming the above is true, how is it Trump's CDC director is not even aware?

What About Ohio?

Relatively Contained

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Exponential Rise in Cases

Who Gets Tested?

US Testing Competence

House members were floored as they learned that roughly just 11,000 Coronavirus tests TOTAL have been conducted compared to the fact that in South Korea, 10,000 tests are conducted A DAY.

Question of the Day

Dear President Trump

No Worse Than the Flu ?

Mike "Mish" Shedlock