CDC Director Humiliated Into Submission

"I did the math," said Porter, holding up a whiteboard on which she wrote the associated costs of a coronvirus test at $1,331 bill.

Trump's CDC director Robert Redfield was not prepared for the exchange even though Porter sent in her questions a week ago and repeated them the day before.

Totally Clueless

Assuming the above is true, how is it Trump's CDC director is not even aware?

What About Ohio?

Relatively Contained


Exponential Rise in Cases

Who Gets Tested?

US Testing Competence

House members were floored as they learned that roughly just 11,000 Coronavirus tests TOTAL have been conducted compared to the fact that in South Korea, 10,000 tests are conducted A DAY.

Question of the Day

Dear President Trump

No Worse Than the Flu ?

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

Europe's Nationalism and Trump's Trade Policies Look Like WWI Prelude

In conversations with friends, one thought the current political scene was like the prelude to WWII. Another said WWI.

Trump Threatens to Adjourn Congress to Make Appointments

Trump calls the appointment process a scam and threatens to adjourn Congress to rectify the situation.

Whistleblower Leak Source Is Likely Trump Himself

Looking for leaks? Consider the number of people Trump has in the room when he makes calls as well as the phone itself.

What "Winning" in Afghanistan Really Looks Like

"By the end of next year, the war in Afghanistan will be over."

Anti-Establishment Landslide in Italy Looks Increasingly Likely

Sergio Mattarella's appointment of an IMF technocrat to head Italy is about to backfire on him miserably.

Ben Bernanke Just Won't Stop Making a Fool Out of Himself

Former Fed Chair Ben Bernanke is back in action doing what he does best, making a fool out of himself.

Corn Exports Plunge but Trump "Not Ready to Make a Deal With China"

Trade tensions will not go away as Trump keeps fanning the flames while putting on an air of nonchalance.

Trump to Fill at Least Three Fed Positions: What Will the Trump Fed Look Like?

In the election run-up, Donald Trump both praised and criticized higher interest rates, multiple times each way.

Lesson On How to Look Like a Pompous Ass, Bitcoin Style

Please pay attention: Here's a valuable lesson on how to make yourself look like a pompous ass.