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Advance Retail Sales 

Retail Sales 2020-10

The above table from Econoday

Month-to-month percentages are totally distorted by Covid. Charts show the trends better.

Advance Retail Sales for 2020

Advance Retail Sales Select Categories 2020-10 Detail

Motor vehicles and parts recovered. Nonstore retailers accelerated, Food and drinking places, gas stations, and departments stores are weak. 

General merchandise stores like Walmart regained the previous trend but no more. 

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Because they also sold food, General Merchandise stores stayed open in the lockdowns but Department Stores didn't. 

As restaurants opened up food and beverage stores slipped but remain above the pre-Covid levels.

This was the expected behavior.

What's Next?

Due to huge outbreaks of Covid, Food and Drinking Places will take another hit. 

More layoffs in the hospitality sector are coming.

Congress is still bickering over a Covid package so a lot more pain is in store for those who don't have a job or are about to lose one.