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by Mish

“It is inevitable, it will hit us in the next six to eight months,” claims Rickards.

I do not make light of nuclear war. Rather, I mock predictions that such an event will happen within a designated time frame, if at all.

Perhaps it will. Heck, it is “conceivable” war breaks out next week or later today.

If war happens, and Seoul is flattened, it may indeed trigger a huge financial meltdown. China has even agreed to back North Korea if we strike first.

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At a minimum, I would expect an enormous supply chain disruption and an immediate global recession. Treasury yields would collapse.

The likelihood is that war won’t happen in the predicted timeframe.

Sensational headlines are not necessary to promote gold.

Forget the popcorn. Buy gold.

Forget the popcorn. Buy gold. How Much? See How Much Gold Should the Common Man Own?

Mike “Mish” Shedlock