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In reference to Rodney King, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti said "this isn't 1992," and would not activate the National Guard. 

Hours later he changed his mind. Violence has spread to at least two dozen cities. 

"Why Don't You Cover That?"

Pointing to a Tweet in which a woman attacked a police officer, I was challenged, "Why don't you cover that?"

OK if you insist. Here are a wide range of Tweets.

Resemblance to Rodney King

Left Wing Lunacy - Russia to Blame

Trump says 80% of Rioters Out of State

Really? How the hell does he know?

Excellent Comment by Matt Taibbi on Censorship

Trump Advisors Scold Trump Over His Tweet

What did Trump do? He made a foolish comment "When the Looting Starts the Shooting Starts"

This led to Twitter amending his Tweet with a warning. Trump defended it as a fact.

When 20-year Miami Police Chief Walter Headley used the phrase, he was addressing his department’s “crackdown on Negro slum hoodlums.”

So facts aside, it was a horribly irresponsible thing for Trump to say. And it will backfire on Trump.

Trump's ignorance aside, Twitter opened up a can of policing worms as Taibbi points out.

Chicago Lockdown

Don't Worry, Futures Will Be Up in the Morning

The Incentive to Let it Burn

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Thank public unions for that.

Bakery Protected

Insurance Won't Protect You

Count This Mentioned

Riots in Philadelphia

The Epitome of Rioting Irony and Ignorance in One Tweet

Soon to be Ex-Lawyers Throw a Molotov Cocktail

“Two Brooklyn lawyers, including an Ivy League graduate corporate attorney, are facing federal charges for tossing a Molotov cocktail into an NYPD vehicle.”

BLM Protester Calls Out White Antifa for Vandalizing Local Starbucks

Trump Declares ANTIFA a "Terrorist Organization"

That's nice but there is no law under which Trump can declare a domestic terrorist group.

Moreover, ANTIFA is a much of an organization as the collective number of people who watch birds in their backyard. There is no such organization called ANTIFA.

But his supporters will cheer such nonsense.

Everybody Happy?

I hope so. 

I did not cover everyplace, but I touched on what I believe are the key ideas.

Well, here's one more.

Please, Stop the Damn Rioting Already