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The WSJ reports Traders Who Launched GameStop Frenzy Are Turning Against New Members.

Longtime members of the Reddit forum that was the launchpad for the GameStop GME frenzy are lashing out at the group’s millions of new users, asking whether they can be trusted and accusing them of working for hedge funds. 

WallStreetBets has been hit by bots that question some of the members’ investing initiatives and pitch commission-free brokerage accounts, according to a Wall Street Journal analysis of the posts. 

Longtime followers have reacted to the deluge of new content by asking moderators to ban new users or take additional steps to limit where they appear. “Seriously, the 6 million new users have f— this place up,” one user wrote Monday. “New users are coming here to screw us,” a post last Wednesday read.

Blame Game

Blame the bots, blame the new users and above all keep singing the praises of a company with no fundamentals except a short squeeze that has collapsed.

DFV Unrealized Profits

DFV Unrealized Profits
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Ashes to Ashes

GameStop Plunges Another 50%

GameStop is headed back to where it came from. There will be sucker bounces here and there but the company is broken.

DFV says he will hold. 

He will do well as it's reported he has $11 million in cash from other trades and options speculation. 

But anyone who got in North of $100 following him is poised to take a huge loss.