The MP process of narrowing down to the final two candidates will be over tomorrow. Boris Johnson will be one, the other is unknown, but it's between Michael Gove and Jeremy Hunt.

Dark Arts

The Guardian Live blog discussed Dark Arts.

Rory Stewart’s bandwagon has been exposed as a lot less sturdy than it looked yesterday. Maybe his performance in the debate did not help (he admitted himself he was lacklustre), maybe the copy-and-paste text messages sent to MPs did not help, but there is also speculation that his total yesterday was inflated by some dark arts Johnson operation intended to push Dominic Raab out of the race.

That's an interesting idea as Johnson is in a position to decide whom he wants to run against. But again, it will not matter.

Boris Johnson will be the UK's next Prime Minister

Startling Tory Poll and Leadership Challenge Shrinkage

A You-Gov Poll shows some shocking preferences. In the non-news of the day, the Tory leadership challenge is down to 5.

May to Set Departure Date After 4th Meaningful Vote: BJ Announces Leadership Bid

Theresa May will finally set her departure date and Boris Johnson announced a leadership bid for the Tory Party.

Boris Johnson has Already Won the UK PM Election With 12 Days Remaining to Vote

Johnson is headed for a landslide victory based on votes already cast. Hunt can't win even if he gets 100% of the rest.

Tory Civil War: Johnson's Feud With Rebels Comes to a Head, Oct Elections Likely

In a showdown with Tory rebels, Boris Johnson vows to not honor an extension request no matter what Parliament votes.

Boris Johnson Loses Brexit Delay Vote 328 to 301, 21 Tories Rebel: What's Next?

Boris Johnson lost an "emergency" So24 bill designed to prevent a No Deal Brexit. The House of Lords must approve.

Final Two: Boris Johnson vs Jeremy Hunt With Charges of Rigging

Boris Johnson will face Jeremy Hunt in a Tory party vote that will determine the UK's next Prime Minister.

Johnson Has the Votes, France Has the Key to Unlock Them

Boris Johnson has the votes to pass his Brexit deal, but Speaker Bercow won't allow a vote. Johnson needs Macron's help.

Johnson Viewed as Better than Corbyn on NHS and Brexit

Johnson poll better than Corbyn for leadership, likability, Brexit, and yes, even NHS.

Another Weird Brexit Turn: Tories Vote to Support No Deal Bill in House of Lords

A big filibuster was in progress then suddenly it vanished. Tories voted for the Benn bill blocking No Deal.