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The idea that a handful of bots, or even thousands of them stole the election for Trump is preposterous yet the howls and witch hunt continues.

Right under our noses is something much worse. Trump taking advice from one of the most corrupt warmongers in the world: Israel's Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu.

On March 5, President Trump and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel met in Washington. With that, Trump’s Hopes of Being the ‘Neutral Guy’ in the Mideast Vanished.

Fruits of Netanyahu's Visit

Today the fruits of that visit are on proud display.

This morning, in a classless act, Trump fired his US Secretary of State via Tweet.

For details, please see Sec of State Tillerson Fired: From Bad to Worse, Iran Warmonger In.

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Corruption and Bribery

The Israeli police want Prime Minister Netanyahu's Indicted on corruption and bribery charges.

I commented with a Musical Tribute to Bribes in the US, Israel, Nigeria, Everywhere.

So here we are, with outrage by Republicans and Democrats alike all fluffed up about meaningless (if it exists at all) Russian interference in the US election.

On something far more important, Trump kowtowing to corrupt foreign influence peddlers, we have complete media silence.

Where's the outrage?

Mike "Mish" Shedlock