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The cornanavirus is sweeping across Russia but one might not understand that judging from the reported Covid-10 numbers, especially deaths per million population.

The Russian capital has been hardest hit. Of Russia's total of 281,752 confirmed cases, over half -- 142,824 -- are in Moscow, the country's coronavirus headquarters said Sunday. But the virus is now spreading across Russia's regions, an enormous landmass that covers 11 time zones and includes some of the country's most remote and impoverished places.

Coronavirus Cases 

coronavirus cases 2020-05-17

The above chart from Worldometer.

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Massive Undercounts

Russia is in second place but the posted numbers are not believable, especially deaths per million.

Russia defends its numbers but it requires an autopsy to confirm a Covid-19 death. 

As with China, no one believes Russia's published numbers.