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Russia Strike Near Poland Kills 35, Biden Warns of Full Force NATO Response and WWIII

Tensions between US and Russia are at a new high as Russia struck a site near the Polish borders where the US trained Ukrainian military.
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Face the Nation YouTube clip, Annotations by Mish

Face the Nation YouTube clip, Annotations by Mish

Ukraine Update

Face the Nation Prelude

Biden Warns of WW III

"A direct confrontation between NATO and Russia is World War Three, something we must strive to prevent," said president Biden in the above video clip.

Climate Change Warning

Disastrous or a godsend? Regardless, the mention, in context, is truly absurd.

Jake Sullivan on Face the Nation

US National Security Advisor was on CBS' Face the Nation. 

Jake Sullivan says the U.S. will impose "appropriate consequences" against Russia for the death of American journalist Brent Renaud.

Sullivan discusses the death of Renaud and Russia's use of chemical weapons.

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Poland's president said use of a weapon of mass destruction would be a "game changer for NATO".

However, Face the Nation host Margaret Brennan quoted Biden as saying "US military forces in Ukraine were completely off the table even if a weapon like this was used."

"Is that the case?" Brennan asked Sullivan.

In a non-answer, Sullivan would only say "We are consulting with our allies and collectively we are communicating directly to the Russians. Sitting before you today, I am not going to go further than what President Biden said on Friday, they the Russians would pay a severe price if they were to move forward with chemical weapons."

Trying again, Brennan asked Sullivan "Is there any red line? Is this a game changer?"

Sullivan again ducked the question answering "The use of weapons of mass destruction would be a shocking additional line that Putin is crossing in terms of his assault on international law."

Sullivan ducked additional questions by Brennan on presidential and Secretary of State contact with Putin.

"I am not going to get specific about the nature of our communications with the Russians," replied Sullivan 

Sullivan is not authorized to say or commit to anything. Alternatively, he has no clear idea himself what is actually going on. 

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